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Corey C. Phillis

Ecology, Evolution, Migration, and Salmon. Postdoc at the NOAA Fisheries NWFSC

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I have a Google Scholar profile. My CV is also available as a downloadable PDF

In Review

  • Phillis, C.C., J.W. Moore, M.P. Beakes, C. Favaro, H.K. Nesbitt, E.P. Palkovacs, G.R. Pess. “Restoration of anadromy: recovering lost migratory behavior in coastal fishes.”

  • Phillis C.C. & J.W. Moore. “Dam evolution: an individual-based model of the evolution of anadromy in a steelhead/rainbow trout population.”

  • Phillis C.C., D.E. Pearse, S.A Hayes, A.B. Cooper, J.W. Moore. “Density-mediated effects of rapid evolution on stream ecosystems.”

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